Why Are Cedar Trees So Important

9 Different Types of Cedar Trees and Wood

Cedar wood is a form of wood that comes from different types of trees known as “cedars” that are cultivated in different regions of the world and also have different uses and purposes.

Cedar trees are coniferous trees which mean that they have needle-like leaves (ranging from vibrant green to intense blue-green), often related to an evergreen fir tree.

These Christmas-like trees can grow up to 100 feet in height and at times higher.

Their brown seed cones need almost a year to reach maturity and by the time they mature, they split up and disperse their seeds in the air.

The wood obtained from cedar trees is known to possess aromatic qualities, which is why they are used in creams, lotions, essential oils, etc.

Cedar wood is also an active ingredient in the ever-so-popular cedarwood essential oil which comes with plenty of health benefits.

Research shows that the daily use of cedarwood essential oil can relieve the user from stress and fatigue.

It has a rich, woody aroma that is used for the purpose of aromatherapy.

This, in turns, helps in managing chronic pain, improving sleep quality, treating headaches and migraines and soothing sore joints.

The uses of cedar wood today greatly differ from those from ancient times.

A Mediterranean civilization – Phoenicia – extracted cedar for building houses and ships.

They also believed that cedar groves were the house of their gods and therefore used to burn them during ceremonies.